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Praise for Haven

My Hubby and I joke about love languages, because I have trouble narrowing them down to one! I think all of them apply! That being said, my fave find of 2015 is @havenpaperie! She may have pin-pointed my language! I love hearing words of affirmation, but even more so, I love giving them! Letting people know when they matter to me, that I love them and they are appreciated is something I believe is very important! It goes a long way in my book! I used some Christmas cash to get a card subscription from Haven Paperie! I can't wait to send sunshine and love!! Thank you, Heidi! What you do matters!
Lindley (Jan 2016)
Love the November cards - CAN'T WAIT for the December cards. Sending you "Have a lovely Sunday!" wishes.
- Myriam
I got the greatest little package in the mail. THANK YOU! I actually opened it and then put it back together to open again, relishing every moment the first and the second time. Loved the detail that went into every part.
- Kim, Ohio
My name is Maria, a current Haven Paperie subscriber. I received the Sept. 2015 stationary package today, 9/5, and I love it! I've been a subscriber for two months (Sept. being my 2nd month) and it is just so fun! I love getting such pretty and cute cards/stationary/stamps every month. It just saves me so much time from going out of my way to the drug store or card store to buy a card. I got so excited when I saw my package in my home mail box today and ran inside to open it!

Thank you so much for providing such a fun and time saving service! I subscribe to card and stationary mail subscriptions to not just get such pretty cards, but to save me time when I need to get cards. And I am very satisfied with Haven Paperie! I know the big holidays are coming up and I am so excited to see what cards and stationary will be coming for Thanksgiving and Xmas! I will most definitely be using the cards Haven Paperie sends me!

Thank you so much and please keep up the good work! Kind regards,
- Maria, New Jersey (Sep 2015)
Thank YOU for sharing your gift of design with us!! I love your cards!! It's such a joy to send and receive letters....especially when they come on such appealing cards.
Jessica, California
Just received my August 2015 and am in love! My favorite package to date. Happy summer.
- Jaymie, New York
Are you kidding me?! You knocked it out of the park!!! Beautiful package that just made my day. I'll be spreading the word. I'm so impressed. My only problem is that the cards are too beautiful to write on!
- Lisa, Michigan
In case you didn't get my other email.....I love receiving your designs in the mail! Best monthly club ever :)
- Candice, Texas
Thank you for being such a gift each month in my mailbox. Love this month's message and cards.
Jaymie V (Jan 2016)
The mail outs get better and better!!! I love this month's pack!
- Nina, Virginia (August 2015)
I just got my March box. Sooooooo happy!
The cards are really nice, keep up the good job!
Have a great day.
- Ximena (Mar 2015)
Haven Paperie you've outdone yourself! This month's package was so fun to open! Love the color palette, love the designs, loved the surprise, loved it all!
- Amanda, Washington (Oct 2014)
My friends gave me a subscription for my birthday this summer and I have LOVED it! Thank you! I would love to set up a monthly subscription for my friend.
- Anne Marie, Washington (Oct 2014)
The first batch is amazing! Not that I expected anything less! What a wonderful idea! I am hooked!
- KC, Texas (June 2014)
I just received my cards in the mail today, and I LOVE them! What a fun thing to look forward to every month!
- Kitty, Maryland
I just got my new cards in the mail today and I love it!!! What a special treat just for me. I have decided to resubscribe since this is the last month [of my gift subscription]. I am going to do this instead of subscribing to a magazine. I love Heidi's little letters to us. It makes me feel like I know her. Thanks again for the perfect gift to me.
- Jennifer, Alaska
Oh happy day!!!!!! I just received the sweetest treats in my mailbox. And it just so happens to actually feel like spring today!! I busted out the flip flops!!! Woohoo!!!! Each card is right on point for each season that my friends, family, and I are experiencing. Thank you so so so much.
- Jacey, South Carolina (Mar 2015)
Already used the cute bird stationary from the parcel you gave - for my Nanny for her 4 year anniversary with us - she loved it!
- Emily, Washington
I am loving the cards! I especially like the flat ones because sometimes I just want to write a small note. Your little logos on the backs are cute!
- Abigail, Pennsylvania
THANK YOU so very much for the beautiful, creative, darling and imaginative gift of your work. What a thoughtful and precious gift to receive. I love each and every one.
- Collette, Washington

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